lesson details
All lessons are for students from kindergarten and up. Yes, adults too!

Parents are required to attend lessons for kindergarten and first grade students. Parents are highly encouraged to attend lessons for all other students.

instrument rentals
Instrument rentals are available through Little Rock Violin Shop. Students will be measured for the proper size instrument and it will be available at  the first lesson. You don't have to drive to get it! Rental information is on their website.
Lessons are $30.00 for thirty minutes, payable the first lesson of each month by cash, PayPal, or Venmo, and require a three-month contract. In the event of illness or emergency, makeup lessons will be scheduled.
online (via zoom) and in-person
As a supplemental to private lessons, students are encouraged to join our twice-monthly zoom room. This is a fun opportunity for students to play for one another and discuss anything related to playing and practicing. All ages are invited to attend!
beginning cello
online (via zoom) and in-person
Lessons are for beginning students to up to one-and-a-half to two years. Cello students are also encouraged to join the twice-monthly zoom room fun!
in-person only
For beginning to advanced students.
performance coaching
online (via zoom) and in-person
Are you a singer or instrumentalist looking to polish-up your act? Then performance coaching is for you. Coaching does not require a three-month contract; only a minimum of three lessons.